As 90s kids, Chacha Chaudhary comics and cartoon series has always been an integral part of our lives. 

And, the good news is, we’ll soon get to re-live those sweet childhood memories attached with this series as it it going to be released on a digital platform. 

Yes, that’s right! Chacha Chaudhary, our favourite iconic Indian cartoon series is soon going to be aired on Disney+Hotstar VIP for the first time.  

According to reports, Toonz Media Group has signed an exclusive deal with Disney+Hotstar VIP. CEO of Toonz Media Group, P Jayakumar, in a press release confirmed the same. He said:

We are excited about Chacha Chaudhary boarding the OTT platform for the first time which will give an opportunity for the complete family to relive, entertain and engage with Chacha and Sabu. And to have Disney+ Hotstar VIP as our OTT partner for the series is like the icing on the cake. 

The second season of the series will also be aired on the Disney Kids Channels in India and guess what, production for the new episodes has already begun.

Besides the Disney+ Hotstar VIP platform, the new episodes will be aired across Disney Kids Channels network in India. This is exciting!

The Indian comic superhero, Chacha Chaudhary has entertained generations of readers and has been part of our pop culture ever since it was first created by legendary cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma in 1971.

Over the years, this show became a complete family entertainer and tbh, we can never really get enough of Chacha Chadhary and Sabu’s fun adventures. 

This series has become successful on the small screen and because of its sheer pouplarity, today Chacha Chaudhary has become a brand in itself.

Apart from being an awesome show, there was always something that we would take back from each episode as they focused on themes of problem-solving, adventure, humour and reinforcing the message of good over evil. And, that has always been the best part of the show. 

Can’t wait! This is just what we needed!