While the opening sequences of some web series are more interesting than the entire show, some classic ones are remembered even after years. From Sacred Games to Scam 1992, here are a number of title sequences that everyone absolutely loved.

1. Sacred Games 

There is simply no point denying the fact that we all went absolutely crazy over this show. Apart from the intriguing storyline and stellar cast, the title sequence of the show by Alokananda Dasgupta was just incredible. Putting together the chaotic history of the nation with a striking set of significant mandalas, the title sequence was just as good as the show. In 2019, the show was also nominated for Excellence In Title Design at SXSW Film Festival.


2. Panchayat 

With the mellow and lilting tune composed by Anurag Saikia, the calm intro score of this light-hearted show is impossible to skip. Showcasing the village life and cast & crew’s names in Hindi, this title sequence simply proved that rural life can be much simpler than urban life. 

3. Scam 1992 

The list will be incomplete if this legendary title sequence is not there, right? Be it Instagram reels or caller tunes, this addictive title sequence was a big hit all across the country. Composed by Achint, this intro song gave us an adrenaline rush each time it appeared on our screens.

4. Bandish Bandits 

Composed by the iconic trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, this title sequence beautifully captured the essence of classical folk and Rajasthani culture together. With charming aerial visuals and soulful lyrics, this intro song was an absolute treat to watch and listen to.

5. Breathe: Into The Shadows 

Alokananda Dasgupta’s piece commenced on an eerie note that set the mood for the series. Showcasing the tiniest details like newspaper cut-outs, missing posters and glimpses of the main character(s), there is no doubt that this title sequence has been made with a lot of attention. 


6. Four More Shots Please!

With the perfect balance of funky and catchy, this Mikey McCleary composition was as breezy as the show itself. With beautiful stills and a no-drama-zone attitude, it has to be one of the most cheery title sequences out there.

7. Inside Edge 

Composed by John Stewart Eduri, this foot-tapping title sequence was equal parts thrilling and appealing. Revolving around a league-wide spot-fixing business, this Emmy-nominated show had an on-point intro song.


8. Asur: Welcome To Your Dark Side 

Dharam Bhatt’s haunting composition would surely give you goosebumps. As gripping as the series itself, you won’t be able to skip this title sequence once you hear it.

9. Gullak 

This show has a separate fan base, doesn’t it? Composed by Simran Hora, this nostalgic title sequence instantly reminded us of our childhood. Tugging at your heartstrings, this intro song will remind you of every little nitty-gritty within your family.

10. Mirzapur

Composed by John Stewart Eduri, the sound of hammer and metal in this title sequence instantly reminds us of the nail-biting plot of the series. The parts of the catchy title sequence change across both seasons to focus on the events of the particular season.

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11. The Family Man

This title sequence composed by Ketan Sodha begins on a suspenseful note and the tension levels reach another level towards the end of the song. Focusing on the journey of Srikant and the villains in both seasons, this intro song is quite exciting.

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12. A Suitable Boy

This title sequence showcases scenes from partition and the story as illustrations.


13. Made In Heaven

This title sequence includes madly in love couples and hints at happy endings. And no matter what happens in the episode, this title sequence never fails to make you smile.

Which is your favourite title sequence?