Friends being the iconic show it was, of course, the fashion in the show had to be just as iconic. But, what about all the times the fashion was not the most on fleek, but still memorable AF?

So, we’ve got here the most iconic ‘looks’ from the show that nobody can ever forget. Because the moments were just too hilarious to forget.

1. It is undeniable that when Joey walked in wearing all of Chandler’s clothes, we all laughed way too hard. Joey truly served a look in this episode.

2. Ross in the armadillo costume was epic. Not just because it was funny, but because what a wild way to help your kid learn about a Jewish festival.

3. If the audiences had to pick a winner for the best Halloween costumes worn by each of the characters. Chandler’s bunny costume would undoubtedly take the prize!

4. Although there isn’t anything unique about wearing a wedding dress. The idea of chilling with your friends over beer and popcorn in a wedding dress is whole concept on its own. And, in fact this can be a great group date idea for anyone willing to try something a little more out of the box.

5. Who can forget when Joey turns to donning maternity pants in order to finish off Monica’s Thanksgiving turkey? The love for food was so real at this very moment. And the look we saw right here was etched into our minds forever.

6. Ross and his fails with women and dating, in general, were a highlight of the show. And him wearing leather pants for a date was just another instance of the same. but, you gotta give it to him, the guy tried.

7. Even though Monica’s hair was acting against her will in this episode, the look was so iconic. And it low-key looked good. No? Just me? Well, at least we all had a good chuckle in this moment.

8. The turkey and the sunglasses on Monica’s head. Periodt. What a moment, in terms of the aesthetic! Chef’s kiss to this whole part!

9. Rachel’s fashion faux pas to her ex-fiance’s wedding was so iconic, that they recreated it in the reunion! C’mon that’s got to mean something.

10. I’m sure we can all look back at our college photos and laugh at how we were. We’ve all made some questionable choices in our college days. So, it’s only fair that they showed just how dorky Chandler and Ross were back in their uni days. So, so relatable. right?

Which one of these looks are your favourite?