“Foodie. Wanderer. Music Lover. Sapiosexual.” 

This is basically every teenager’s Instagram today. Instagram is a place where anyone can be a writer, photographer, fashion blogger, food blogger, or for most people, all of that. Whether you go to the gym, or a cafe, loo or graveyard, Instagram pe post karna toh banta hai, right?

If this one platform is such a big part of our lives, how could we not imagine our favourite characters’ profiles on Instagram?

Oh you never imagined that? Well, I did. I’m so jobless, that I actually did this for you, so your life would become successful. Check them out:

Bulla is very ‘open’ on Instagram. That’s how he is in life too.

Bauji’s account is all mitti ki khushboo.

Jaadu is walking on sunshine.

Geet is the agony aunt we neither need nor deserve.

Travel deals, shaadi deals, no big deal.

Follow him on Insta, but don’t follow him to the rooftop.

Startup shuru karna hai?

You can’t see him on most photos, but still.

Deathnote anyone?

Education – (Physics + Logic) = Immortality

Discover all his marks.

Koi toh isse follow kar lo.

I hope you don’t deactivate your Instagram accounts after reading this article.