Around 25 years ago, when a runaway bride frantically crashed at her long-time BFF's squad at Central Perk in her pearl embellished wedding dress and her puffy tulle-veil, it changed our lives forever. 

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Ever since then, Rachel Green with her quirky yet elegant style has been our O.G fashionista and trendsetter. She was an influencer in the times when the term wasn't even coined. 

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I was going through Rachel Green's iconic looks on her birthday and I was stunned by her legendary fashion sense. She was way ahead of time. Believe it or not, what she wore in the '90s is still ceasing to trend in 2020.  

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Don't believe us? See it for yourself, here are a few Rachel Green iconic looks that prove she was the OG trend forecaster with a killer sense of style: 

Acid washed denim dungaree shorts with an over-sized blazer and white sneakers, are we sure this isn't from this era? 

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Her checkered pencil skirt with a pop-coloured turtle neck top is a killer business-casual look. 

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OMG, I swear to god, I saw a similar printed slip dress at H&M while I was on my shopping spree. 

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Can we please take a minute to look at her Rachel's athleisure airport look when she decided to crash Ross' wedding?

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And how can we forget the way she slayed in her "lucky" cheer-leading outfit from her school days!

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Before you get too distracted with her purple-dyed, double shaded, faux fur coat, take a minute to see how she's styled it with a white maxi skirt. 

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I bet literally every millennial owns a black button down slip dress. And a full-sleeved tee under this is pure genius!

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I mean can we please take a minute to look at her knee-high boots and how she's paired it with her minis and sheer black stockings?  

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And we're really digging the monochrome, cow-print spotty coat. 

An over-sized shirt with drawstrings sweatpants, Rachel had her athleisure game on way before the concept even came out. 

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Remember when she accessorised her off-shoulder striped top with a necktie? This literally remains one of the best power-dressing looks of all time. 

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Whoever said pastels were a recent phenomena, clearly didn't look at Rachel's iconic Sage green "commando" dress with a knee high-slit. 

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Rachel's "school girl" look with her iconic plaid skirt, off-white cashmere and knee-high socks taught me that socks were a playful and fun accessory. 

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OMG, she really rocked the monochromatic colour-block trend way before it became a thing. 

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Rachel Green redefined power-dressing and made it look fun with her skirt-suit collection. 

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OMG this sheer lace top with bell sleeves that she wore when Brad Pitt came for Thanksgiving is literally everything 

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Can we please address how glamourous her gold studded choker is? 

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And how can we forget the confidence and elegance with which she slayed the lingerie-dress?

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That lemon yellow tube dress with a thigh-high slit and embroidered roses is literally a masterpiece.

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Her Rachel turning 30 outfit was just a plain white shirt with a birthday crown and it is literally the birthday suit of our dreams.  

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Remember when she stunned a Chinese inspired kimono dress? 

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Whatever said and done, her iconic denim waistcoat paired with a a skater skirt and a french bun will always be my favourite. 

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The last time we saw Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, she adorned a pair of charcoal flared jeans with a darker nude embellished cami and we have to say, she looked more gorgeous than ever. 

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I don't know about y'all but Rachel Green will always be my forever fashionista and OG trendsetter who still continues to shape the way we dress.