Back in school, we couldn’t wait to grow up and get out. Now, all we hope for is getting one chance to go back to those good old days. From petty fights to lifelong friendships, school definitely gave us the best days of our lives. 

Back in school, every class had a variety of students. There was the nerd, the sportsman, the hottie, the teacher’s pet, etc, etc. Each one of them played a major part in our growing up days and we were all constantly shuttling between these tags.

Just like school, even Bollywood has many interesting celebrities. There are those who’re meticulous about their work and those who’re busy looking good. There are also the bad boys and the darlings of the masses. 

Haven’t you wondered what it would be like to have all our major filmstars in the same class? If you have, here’s something to tickle your funny bone! 

If your favourite Bollywood celebrities were in school, this is what they’d be like:

Can we please get admission here?

Kickass designs by Gauri Saxena