Hello, party people!

It’s almost the end of the week, but to kya hua? Party ab bhi baaki hai, right?

We hope you have your plans in place and are all set to shake off the entire week’s accumulated stress in one night. But just in case your plans aren’t ‘yay’ enough, then we’ve got something for you. 

We all get to meet a diverse bunch of people at every party. The silent ones, the hyper ones, the dancers, the gossip mongers and many others. 

And from the looks of our intensive research, which is directly based on the years of partying that we’ve done, it seems like Bollywood parties are nothing different. It’s a bunch of famous people, indulging in the usual party behavior like us, commoners. Or so, we’d like to believe. 

To make it simpler, we’ve got it illustrated. Check it out:

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