Thank God for Twitter! 

Ten years ago, who would’ve imagined celebrities interacting with their fans on a day-to-day basis, like they do today? From live streaming to online Q&A sessions, celebs are up to so much online, we’ve never been this close to our matinee idols, ever. 

Sadly, random Q&A sessions aren’t exciting anymore. It’s a bunch of the same old questions, which receive the same old answers. The answers have been repeated so many times, they look totally made up! 

Ever wondered what would happen if a celebrity got brutally honest while answering questions on Twitter?

We imagined it and here’s how it turned out:

*The content below is not directed towards any celebrity in particular, which is why the names are made up. But if you are able to read between the lines, then congratulations, you’re smarter than we thought.*

Yep, we have a lot of free time. But we know that you do too!

Tweet Designs by Devika Kumari