The South Korean Netflix web series, Squid Game has us hooked. And we can’t help but think, which of our childhood games would be played, if Squid Game was ever made in India. 

1. London London Statue instead of Red Light, Green Light. 

This game where the players are expected to freeze as soon as the den turns around, is quite similar to Red Light, Green Light and would be equally exciting. 

2. Making perfect Golas & Jalebis instead of breaking a Dalgona.

Imagine, making a crushed ice gola, with the perfect toppings, without it falling apart, or making the perfectly round jalebi, it isn’t as easy as it looks. And you can’t lick it like the dalgona, it’s definitely going to be harder. 

3. Kho Kho instead of Tug of war. 

Who doesn’t remember playing Kho Kho as a child? The pressure build up in this game is stressful and it does turn you against your teammates, perfect for the Squid Game.

4. Kancha or Lakhoti for the marbles round. 

This game has many names, Kancha, Lakhoti, Golli and Goti, but it is essentially played with marbles, and every child in India grew up mastering it. So it would be a perfect fit for round 4. 

5. Hopscotch instead of Glass bridge. 

Also called Nondi in certain parts of India, this game is the glass bridge without a bridge, as you hop on one foot to the other side. 

6. Kabaddi instead of Squid Game. 

This game can get violent just like Squid Game, as players cross to the other side chanting ‘Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi’. It requires a lot of precision, good defence and determination. 

Let the games begin.