While the world struggles with a pandemic and is under lockdown, everyone’s looking to get content from TV or social media. 

Whether it’s Ramayan or Khichdi, TV is not only bringing back all those old memories but is helping us a little, in coping with this pandemic.

Amar Ujala

So, even though I really hope all of this is over soon and we’re out and about with our normal lives,  since we’re stuck at home with nothing but our TVs and laptops, I have just one request. 

Can someone do us 90s kids a favour and bring Pokémon back too? 

AnimeToon Max

No, really! Watching all these nostalgic shows suddenly reminded me of all the times when waiting to watch something on Tv was pretty much the highlight of my day.        

Which mostly included me waiting the entire day to watch all of Ash’s, Misty’s and Brock’s adventures on Pokémon at 6 pm on Cartoon Network. 


No matter what exam I had the next day or how bad my day was going, just the theme song of the anime series for a Poké fan like me would just cheer me up. 

Pokémon (pana har ek ko), ho tum aur main
Meri qismat yehi
Pokémon… ooh, tum dost sacche
Sabki raksha kare

All these options to watch the anime in English came way later. So, pana har ek ko from Pokémon: Indigo League was literally the only song everyone had to learn word by word to be cool in the group. 


From acting like a Poké trainer like Ash and exchanging tazzos and Jenga cards, this entire series defined an entire era. 


It made me realize that no matter how much I hate reptiles if it was was a fire emitting Charizard, I’d definitely choose it.        

The Pokémon series gave us 90s’ kids a universe that still can’t be compared to anything that is telecasted nowadays. So, for the sake of this generation which is deprived of wholesome cartoons, get the series back.