In a heartwarming gesture, actor Anupam Kher comes forward to help those who are silently but bravely battling depression and loneliness. 

With the number of cases of suicide as a result of depression and dejection being registered on a daily basis, Kher has put his heart into what he feels is the need of the hour.

b’Image Source: Instagram/Anupam Kher’

Saddened by the recent news of engineering student Arjun Bhardwaj who committed suicide possibly because of depression, Kher has now decided to start a website, to address such issues. 

He had earlier tweeted out his email address urging people to come forward and open up about their mental trauma rather than suffering silently. 

b’Image Source: Instagram/Anupam Kher’

Speaking to ScoopWhoop News on the initiative, Kher said, “Growing up in a joint family, we were lucky to always have the attention of our many family members. We didn’t have the luxury to stay quiet and suffer. Our emotions were out there and someone or the other around always could figure if we were having a bad day. But the way society is evolving today more and more people are feeling alienated. It’s not just about depression alone. People are also battling failure and dejection. What’s frightening is that the will to be brave in the face of adversity is lacking. I am positively working towards re-instilling that faith among those suffering.”

Anupam Kher’s best-seller book, ‘The Best Thing About You Is… You’ also primarily talks about his tryst with failure. Elaborating further about how he used the power of failure to turn his fate, Kher mentioned, “I have been giving motivational lectures across colleges from Kellogg’s to Cambridge, Oxford or IIM for that matter. I understand how a person feels when he or she is sad. So when I read about this suicide and how he went about it I was really shaken. This was not a case where I could just voice my opinion on social media. This was a concern much grave and needed everything that I could possibly give to help someone. The day I tweeted my email id (, I received over 300 mails from across different age groups. It left me sad to know that so many among us are suffering.”

He also plans to involve few professional psychiatrists on the portal who will help him in the cause. 

We need more such voices to come forward to help our society not crumble under depression which is spreading like wildfire.