After Stranger Things and Supernatural, here is a list of shows that you can move on to. From demons and monsters to the dead, there is something for everybody in this list of supernatural shows. 

Locke And Key

Based on a graphic novel of the same name, Locke And Key is set around three siblings who return to their fathers home. They find keys around the house that unlock various powers, abilities and worlds, unaware that a demon is after those keys as well. This show will release on Netflix on February 7. 

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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

With the release date of part 3 just around the corner, January 24, it’s time to rewatch this series. The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina tell the story of a half-witch, half-human Sabrina Spellman who is doing everything under her power to fight her inner darkness. 

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The OA

Layers of scientific theories, supernatural phenomena and fictional elements make this gorgeous show. It follows the story of a group of people who have faced near-death experiences and are kidnapped by an eccentric yet genius scientist. 



Lucifer, the fallen angel comes from hell to Los Angeles and gets tangled up in helping the local police solve unexplainable crimes. The show have some biblical references that make it quite interesting. 

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This forgotten gem follows the story of an ex-exorcist who has himself checked into a mental facility because his soul is promised to the netherworld. However, when someone he knows gets into trouble, this demon-hunter returns to his old ways of fighting the spirits. 



Based on a DC comic book series of the same name, this show follows the story of an alcoholic and chain-smoker Jesse Custer. He, along with his ex-girlfriend and a vampire are on a quest to understand his extraordinary powers and find god. 


In The Flesh 

This show is set in a post-zombie apocalypse world where most of the zombies have been killed and those who haven’t, are being medically treated. They are called sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS) and are provided with counselling, make-up and government help to return to their old life, even though society is far from accepting them. 


American Horror Story 

This anthology TV show has a new storyline with a repeated star-cast in every season. Every season, from Coven to Murder House and Apocalypse takes on different aspects of the supernatural world. 


Hemlock Grove

Set in a fictional town in Pennsylvania, this show follows a werewolf and a rich heir who set out to find the killer terrorising the locals. This show marked the mainstream debut of Bill Skarsgård, who gained popularity by playing Pennywise in IT


The Returned

Adapted from the French series, Les Revenants this show is set in a small town where people start returning from the dead with strange marks on their bodies. 

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