Surrogacy is a topic that is often looked at with some scepticism, especially in our country. And while Laxman Utekar’s Mimi has expanded the chance to talk about surrogacy with ease, Indian cinema has been churning out films about the subject for longer than we realise. 

Here are the many other films that have spoken about surrogacy, take a look. 

1. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

Chori Chori Chupke Chupke’s storyline is pretty simple. It tells the story of a couple who experiences the loss of their child while they’re expecting and how they decide to seek out a surrogate mother post that. But complications follow as the surrogate mother (Madhu, played by Preity Zinta) considers keeping the baby. What is worth thinking about though is why they didn’t use artificial insemination. Catch it on Hotstar + Disney.

2. Doosri Dulhan

The film stars Sharmila Tagore, Victor Banerjee and Shabana Azmi. It revolves around a couple who ask a sex worker (Shabana Azmi) to become their surrogate. You can watch the film on YouTube. 

3. Filhaal…

Filhaal… revolves around two friends, Rewa and Sia. As Sia finds out she cannot have children, Rewa (played by Tabu) offers to become a surrogate for her. You can catch it on Eros Now. 

4. Mala Aai Vhaaychay!

Mala Aai Vhaaychay! is a Marathi film that shows Mary, an American woman who asks Yashoda to be her surrogate. But when she learns of the child’s deformities, Mary reconsiders her decision of raising the child. You can watch it on YouTube. 

5. Dashratham

This is a Malayalam film that follows Rajiv, a bachelor and business tycoon, who decides he wants to be a father and so, asks Annie to be his surrogate. It is available to watch on YouTube. 

6. I Am Afia 

I Am Afia is one film that is part of an Anthology called I am. This story is about a young woman named Afia (played by Nandita Das) who decides to have a child via IVF. The film shows how Afia discusses wanting children with a partner who ends up leaving the marriage as he’s in love with someone else. You can watch it on YouTube. 

7. 9 Nelalu 

The Telugu film follows the story of a couple, Surendra and Savitri. Surendra has a major accident that causes a serious head injury, to pay for the surgery, his wife Savitri decides to become a surrogate for another couple. It’s available to watch on MX Player. 

8. Kookh 

Directed by Nimesh Desai, Kookh is a Gujarati film which follows the story of Rudi, who decides to become a surrogate to provide a better future for her child Mithi. 

9. Sunyo Je Kol 

This is a Bengali film directed by Bhaswati Roy. Sunyo Je Kol revolves around a woman named Sumi who decides to become a surrogate mother to pay for her niece’s heart surgery. 

10. Badnaam Gali 

Badnaam Gali released in 2019, and stars Patralekha Paul and Divyendu Sharma. The story follows Nayonika and her journey of being a surrogate mother. You can watch it on Zee5. 

How many of these have you watched?