If you just finished watching Tiger King and can’t wait to binge on some more crime documentaries, we have you covered. 

Here are a few true crime documentaries/ docuseries that will keep you occupied during this lockdown. 

1. How To Fix A Drug Scandal 

A four-episode limited series that reflects on the crimes of two drug lab chemists whose faulty drug tests rocked the judicial system.   

Rolling Stone

2. Wild Wild Country  

The six-episode limited series is about Osho’s origin story before finding out the group’s terror attack on those who threatened their survival.   

The Movie DB

3. Evil Genius

This documentary is about the crimes of a mentally-impaired woman named Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong, who was convicted of conspiracy to commit armed bank robbery. 


4. Don’t F*ck With The Cats   

The three-episode limited series follows multiple Internet sleuths who use their investigative skills to bring down one psychotic killer. 


5. Conversations With A Killer : The Ted Bundy Tapes

The four-part series takes us through the psyche of this popular killer by presenting footage and interviews with him and those who were affected by what he did. 


6. The Staircase 

A series about a woman who fell off the stairs and died. But, the mystery began when forensic evidence indicated that the case wasn’t as simple as that and had a lot much to it.  


7. Abducted In Plain Sight 

This documentary is about a family that falls prey to the charms of a neighbour who abducts their 12-year-old daughter twice. 

Business Insider

8. Amanda Knox 

A story about a girl who is convicted and acquitted of murder twice of her roommate while studying abroad in Italy. Even though she is considered as the primary suspect, it is left upto the audience to figure out if she is innocent or not.   

Business Insider

9. Casting JonBenet 

The story is about the unsolved 1996 murder of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey. It shows how amateur actors, all local to the town where the tragedy took place, audition for parts to turn it into an act. 


10. The Confession Killer 

A five-part docuseries about how Henry Lee commits to hundreds of murders and how the investigation takes place after that. 


11. The Innocent Man 

Based on John Grisham’s non fiction book, this documentary reflects upon the murders that took place in small places like Ada and Oklahoma in 1980’s. 


12. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez 

A six-part docuseries that goes through the trials of an 8-year-old boy’s murder and the trials of his guardians. It shows how the system let down the boy and how they couldn’t help him when needed. 

Lad Bible

13. I Am A Killer

This docuseries shows a rare interview of 10 death row inmates convicted of capital murders. These inmates give disturbing first-hand accounts of their crimes.

The Sun

14. The Keepers

This seven-episode docuseries takes us through all the details of the murder of Sister Catherine Cesnick, and its link to a priest who has been accused of abuse. 

Indie Wire

15. Killer Inside : The Mind Of Alex Hernandez

This docuseries takes us through the mind of a famous football star who not only murdered people while playing, but also lived a dual life. 


Ready to binge all of these.