Prabhas, who debuted in 2002 with the Telugu action drama film Eeswar, was already an acclaimed actor in the Telugu film industry when he played the titular role in Baahubali. But with Baahubali, his fan base expanded to include the audience of Hindi and Tamil films. 

While Baahubali may have helped him reach a wider audience, his filmography is proof that he is a versatile performer, who can make any role he plays his own. Over a career spanning 17 years, he has acted in various movies and here are some of his finest performances: 

1. Mirchi

This 2013 action-drama starred Prabhas as Jai, a man who promotes non-violence and peace, after facing personal loss due to his violent actions. The film went on to win six state Nandi awards, including the Best Actor Award for Prabhas. In fact, Prabhas’ honest portrayal was what saved the film from becoming just another commercial potboiler. 

2. Chhatrapati

Before Baahubali, Prabhas and Rajamouli collaborated for the action film Chhatrapati, and the film was a Box Office success. It starred Prabhas as Shivaji, a man driven to aggressive behavior by his need for justice. If Mirchi was the film that helped Prabhas prove his acting chops, it was Chhatrapati that helped establish him as a ‘force to reckon with‘ – all thanks to his intense action sequences, and powerful screen presence, especially in the emotional scenes.  


3. Rebel

Other than the film’s stylized action sequences, it was Prabhas’ powerful performances that became the highlight of this revenge-based action drama. The movie revolved around a young man’s revenge fuelled actions against his father’s killers. 


4. Varsham

The first film to earn Prabhas a Filmfare Nomination, Varsham was a romantic-action film that reportedly also inspired the Tiger Shroff starrer Baaghi. Despite it being just his third film, Prabhas’ ability to convincingly portray a wide array of emotions was appreciated by the audiences and critics alike.

5. Darling

With the romantic comedy Darling, Prabhas finally shed his ‘action-hero’ image. The film’s entertaining plot and humorous scenarios allowed the audience to witness a whole new side of Prabhas – one that became the highlight of the film. 


6. Mr. Perfect

Another popular Telugu romantic comedy, Mr. Perfect opened to positive reviews for its interesting plotline. Though not considered as one of Prabhas’ best performances, fans did appreciate his ‘romantic avatar’. 


7. Munna

A crime action drama, Munna starred Ileana D’Cruz and Prabhas in the lead roles. Despite earning criticism for its slow pace, Prabha’s power-packed performance was greatly appreciated. 


Prabhas is clearly one of the finer actors of the current generation, and his on-screen performances are always a joy to watch. 

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