Netflix’s Squid Game has pushed death games to the mainstream and we can’t get enough of it. But hey, this isn’t the first time the industry has churned out some adrenaline-pumping content. For you, we’ve compiled a list of similar shows and movies that you should add to your watchlist.

1. As the Gods Will

Daruma Doll kidnaps a high school boy and his classmates, forcing them to play Red Light, Green Light with considerably worse consequences. This death game is supernatural, gruesome, and as dark as it possibly can be.

2. Alice in Borderland

A Japanese thriller show in which Arisu, a gifted gamer never realised his full potential, awakens in an abandoned Tokyo, where he must participate in life-threatening games to escape being lasered in the head by an unknown entity. If you survive, you’ll be given a “visa” for a few days, after which you’ll have to return to another game willingly. 

3. 3%

The dystopian thriller looks to be a sci-fi spin-off of Squid Game, with desperate people risking their lives to secure a brighter future for themselves. With more difficult tasks and danger, the series turns into a fantastic thriller that everyone should watch.

4. The Belko Experiment

This horror-thriller movie portrays how a typical day at the office is turned into the greatest nightmare for its employees when a mysterious voice informs them that two people must die every thirty minutes.

5. Battle Royale

On a deserted island, a gang of young people is left to kill everyone and survive alone, and alone only. Under harsh difficulties, one must use their intellect and not rely on others to keep them alive.  

6. Cube

When a group of strangers wake up within an escape room, they must navigate a maze of other cube-shaped chambers to escape (with many fatal booby traps along the way)

7. Zero: Ikkaku Senkin Game

The survival game takes set in a still-under-construction amusement park. The game’s competitors must put their lives on the line, but the winner will collect 100 billion yen. The participants assist one another and form friendships.

8. Kaiji

The Kaiji film series follows a jobless guy named Kaiji Itou as he attempts to repay a million-dollar loan owed to a friend. He participates in a deadly gambling game, similar to Squid Game, and must leave no stone unturned in order to emerge out alive and with the money.

9.  Circle

In this future sci-fi/thriller mashup, fifty strangers awaken in a dark chamber to discover that they are being killed one by one, as per the set of rules imposed by an unseen power. Only one person will be chosen to live. On what basis, though? 

10. Saw: The Series 

Two strangers wake up in a bathroom with no memory of how they got there, only to learn they’re pawns in a deadly game played by a serial murderer.

11. Escape Room

Six daring individuals visit a mystery building to participate in an escape room game, in which participants compete to solve a series of riddles in order to win $10,000. What appears to be innocent fun quickly devolves into a nightmare.

12. Would You Rather

When it’s revealed that the winner would get outrageous amounts of money, the classic game takes on a cruel edge. It becomes obvious as the game proceeds why there is only one winner—mostly because there is only one winner left standing.

13. Liar Game

When a college student is asked to participate in the strange reality show Liar Game, she learns that it is a psychological survival game in which contestants succeed by deceiving one another. The biggest trickster will be rewarded with a large sum of money.

14. Parasite 

Parasite is a power portrayal of class divide featuring the Kim family that sees an opportunity when their son starts working for the rich Park family. Soon, they all find a way to work in the same house and begin living a parasitic existence.

15. The Platform 

The Spanish sci-fi thriller focuses on inequity in a brutal way. The Platform is a Netflix film about inmates in a vertical jail who are prone to gluttony and cannibalism. 

Just start with the list already!