Loved the actors who were part of the Oscar-winning film Parasite? Here is a list of all their upcoming films and K-dramas that we just can’t wait for. 

Choi Woo-shik

He played the role of Kim Ki-woo (Kevin), son of the Kim family in the movie and has been a part of some very successful films and K-dramas before Parasite. You can also watch him in Train to Busan, Okja and Fight for My Way. 


1. Time To Hunt

Four friends devise a plan to pull one last con before they leave to live a ‘decent’ life. However, they soon become the target of an eccentric criminal who is hunting them.  

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2. Wonderland

The film set in a simulated universe where people can interact with their loved ones who they cannot interact with in real life. Choi Woo-shik plays the role of the man who controls this simulated reality alongside Jung Yu Mi of Train To Busan fame. The film also stars Bae Suzy from Ashfall and Park Bo Gum from Love In The Moonlight. 


3. Past Lives

This A24 movie will technically mark Choi Woo-shik’s Hollywood debut. However, it is still a Korean movie where two children who grew up in Korea reunite years later as adults. The film will showcase their parallel lives. 


Song Kang-ho

Song Kang-ho, who played the role of the father of the Kim family, Kim Ki-taek has been a part of various Bong Joon-Ho films in the past. He received recognition for his roles in the movies Memories of Murder, The Host and A Taxi Driver.


1. Fifth Column

This films follows the story of an army criminal investigator who works for the Ministry of National Defence and gets involved in an accident fifteen days before his retirement date. He must fight alone to uncover the truth. The film is also rumoured to star Park So-dam, the actress who played the Kim daughter in Parasite.  

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2. Emergency Declaration

This film follows the story of two pilots who have no choice but to make a crisis affirmation and emergency land their plane. 

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Park So-dam

She played the role of Kim Ki-jeong (Jessica), daughter of the Kim family in Parasite. The actor rose to fame with the film The Silenced and the k-drama Cinderella with Four Knights. 


1. Special Praise

This crime-action film has Park So-dam playing the role of an honest delivery driver who becomes involved in an unexpected incident after a young child decides to sit in her car with a man chasing after him. The child will be played by Jeong Hyun-joon, who also starrer in Parasite as Park Da-song, son of the Park family. 


2. Youth Record

This K-drama was recently announced with Park Bo-gum of Love In The Moonlight fame and Park So-dam playing the lead roles. The show is set in the world of idols and actors, Park Bo-gum plays the role of a model-turned actor and Park So-dam plays a make-up artist. 


Jang Hye-jin & Park Myung-hoon

While Jang Hye-jin played the role fo Park Chung-sook, the mother of the Kim family, Park Myung-hoon played the role Geun-sae, the housekeeper’s husband in Parasite. Though the two didn’t have many scenes in the movie, they are currently shooting a K-drama together. 

1. Crash Landing On You

In this Netflix K-drama set in North Korea, Jang Hye-jin plays Go Myeong-eun, Dan’s mother who wants her daughter to marry the leading actor. Park Myung-hoon, on the other hand, plays Dan’s uncle and the two can often be seen sharing screen space. 

Lee Jung-eun

She played the role of Gook Moon-gwang, the housekeeper in the film Parasite. The actor rose to fame with her roles in movies like A Taxi Driver, Okja and The Other Child. She was also a part of famous K-dramas including While You Were Sleeping and Fight For My Way.

Lee Jung-eun

1. My Holo Love

This Netflix drama follows the story of a young woman who suffers from face blindness and how she falls in love with an AI. Lee Jung-eun can be seen essaying the role of her mother in the show. 


Park Seo-joon

He only had a cameo in the movie where he played Min-hyuk, Kevin’s friend who offers him his job as a tutor. But Park Seo-joon has a strong fan-following and has become quite popular after his roles in K-dramas like She Was Pretty and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.


1. Dream

Not much is known about the film apart from the fact that he will play the role of a soccer coach who trains a group of people trying out for the Homeless World Cup, an annual international soccer event. 


2. Itaewon Class

This Netflix show is based on a Webtoon of the same name. Park Seo-joon plays the role of a high-school student who gets expelled from school after his father is killed. He decides to open a bar-restaurant with his friends in Itaewon with the intent of growing an empire.


We just can’t wait!