Did you fall in love with Joe from You and binge-watch season 2 in a day? Now that that’s over, here are shows you should watch that will fill the gaping hole You left in your life. From psychopaths to serial killers, we’ve got them all. 

1. Bates Motel

The prequel to the iconic film Pyscho, this show tells us what made Norman Bates into the killer we know. And the fact that the gorgeous Freddie Highmore plays him only makes this show more appealing. 

Wicked Horror

2. What/If

What’s the price for success? Renée Zelwegger plays Anne Montgomery, a wealthy manipulator who loves playing with people who need her money and her latest prey is a couple who she plans to destroy. 


3. Dexter

A forensic technician for the police department by the day and a serial killer who kills ‘bad guys’ at night, Dexter is someone you’ll hate to love just like Joe. 


4. The Sinner

An anthology of stories that follow a detective as she meets ordinary people who committed heineous crimes and tries to understand why. In one of the episodes, Jessica Biel plays a sweet, simple woman who shoots a man out of the blue in a public place and she has no reason to. 

Jessica Biel

5. Dirty John

She’s looking for a man who will fit into her perfect, wealthy life and in comes a psychological manipulator who seems harmless to her. But her daughters know what he wants and will stop at nothing to prove that he’s a conman. The creepiest part of the show? It’s based on a true story. 


6. Perfume (German)

When a singer is found murdered with her scent glands removed from her body, detectives start investigating a group of friends who attended boarding school with her and were obsessed with the human scent. 


7. Chambers

A young girl receives a heart transplant and soon begins to see horrifying visions that lead to the death of the donor. With creepy parents who seem normal and some supernatural phenomena, this show will keep you hooked. 

Indie wire

8. Killing Eve

One is a British intelligence investigator and the other, a psychopathic assassin, who are playing a game of cat and mouse. Their obsession with each other forms the basis of this show as they begin falling in love. 

The Verge

9. Pretty Little Liars

This show follows four teenagers and their tormentor who is ready to reveal all their secrets. Pretty Little Liars has seven seasons and is perfect for your binge-worthy needs. 


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