Take This 'Mirzapur' Quiz To Refresh Your Memory. Kyunki Ab Maza Aa Raha Hai

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After delivering one of the most shocking season finales, Mirzapur left us waiting just like Kaleen Bhaiya left Beena! But now that our wait is finally going to be over, how about taking this quiz and recapping the epic first season? 

1. Munna bhaiya accidentally shoots someone, after firing a gun in a wedding. Who does he hit?

2. What is Guddu bhaiya's father's profession? 

3. Who does Kaleen Bhaiya say this dialogue to, "Vishudh chutiya ladke ho tum."

4. Who is this guy? 

5. Which of the following is not an episode title?

6. How many times have people been slapped in the show?

7. What competition does Guddu Bhaiya participate in?

8. Who discovered Beena and Raja's affair?

9. Who stands against Munna in the college elections?

10. What does Lala supply Kaleen Bhaiya with?

11. Munna plans his own father's murder. Who is his co-conspirator?

12. Which of the following characters is alive by the end of the show?

Kaleen bicha diya hai, ab score dekhein?


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