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If You Score More Than 5 In This 'Cocktail' Quiz Then You Deserve A 'Daru Desi'

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I remember when Cocktail came out back in the day. Almost everyone I knew had gone to the theatres to watch it. The songs, and the clothes became a 'thing' for a long time. It was overall a fun watch. 

Now that so many years have passed, let's put our love for the movie to test and see how much we remember it.

1. What's Gautam's nickname in the movie? 

2. Where does Meera meet Veronica in London? 

3. Before Saif Ali Khan, who was offered the role of Gautam? 

4. How many times is the word 'sippin' used in the song Main Sharabi?

5. How does Veronica's estranged dad send her money every month? 

6. After Meera returns to Kunal, what does he cook for her for breakfast? 

7. After leaving her husband and London, where does Meera go? 

8. Complete this dialogue said by Gautam. "Kya aap believe karte hai love at first sight mein ya.....

9. Who plays the role of Meera's husband? 

10. Who accompanies Gautam's mother to pay him a surprise visit? 

11. What's Gautam's mother's name in the movie? 

via IMDb

12. Meera, Gautam, and Veronica are dancing on a song when Gautam's mother walks in. What's the song?

So, how well do you know your 'cocktail?' 


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