If there’s one thing that doesn’t get its due credit, then it’s being a single mom. Being a parent is tough as it is but it’s even tougher when you have to do this all alone. 

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Well, in a gesture to appreciate the efforts and the sacrifice of being a single mother, an IIM student has taken his mother’s name. 

Het Shitalben Shukla’s name is not just an ordinary name as it also includes his mother’s name.

The Times Of India

It was his way to show gratitude towards all the hardships she had to go through to secure his future.

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According to The Times Of India, Het grew up in Bhopal where they used to live in a rented house till 2015. His mother used to work as a tuition teacher to manage the expenses of the house. 

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Looks like Het and his mother’s hard work have finally paid off because he got admission in the prestigious IIM-A after clearing CAT with a great percentile. 


But the credit also goes to his mother because it is due to her perseverance that he was able to fulfill both their dreams.