Earlier this week, Imtiaz Ali — the creative mind behind the upcoming Love Aaj Kal 2 decided to take a walk in the midst of a rain-torn city. He wasn’t looking for a ride back home when an auto driver pulled up and offered to give him a ride for free. 

Imitiaz Ali’s Facebook post proves that not all superheroes wear capes. Some just shine bright in their Khaki uniforms and drive a three-wheeler in the rain to rescue people from getting drenched. 


Imitiaz Ali has shared his heartwarming experience on Facebook and our faith in humanity is restored. 

Night walk in the rain! the auto-rickshaw came along and asked if I wanted a ride. I refused, he asked again – it was raining and I was without cover. I had checked my wallet, I smiled at him and said I had no money. He looked at me and asked me to sit in, he would drop me without money. I asked him to carry on and get some other client and do his job. He said it was raining and I would get wet. He asked me to sit in, he would drop me. I sat and he drove.

-Imitiaz Ali


The generous auto-driver was unaware of the fact that the person sitting behind him was the famous director– Imitiaz Ali. It was only after a few fans stopped their vehicles in the pouring rain to take a selfie with his curly-haired savari that the auto dada recollected his identity. Imtiaz Ali narrates: 

Soon a car stopped the rickshaw – it was a couple who wanted a selfie with me. The autorickshaw guy looked at me. He asked me if I was Imtiaz Ali. 
Cocktail Zindagi

The fact that the auto dada was genuinely concerned about a random stranger getting drenched in the pouring rain has warmed our heart. Imitiaz Ali concludes his story: 

He said he would want a selfie with me. I told him I would want a selfie with him as well.

This wholesome story has made us believe in the concept of a few good men.