Actor Kangana Ranaut has recently been provided Y level security by the Home Ministry. But what does Y level security even mean? 

Indian Express

The Y category is a security detail of 11 personnel, including 1 or 2 commandos and police personnel. It also offers two personal security officers (PSOs). 


There are four tiers of security level – Z+ (highest level); Z; Y and X. The Y level is the third level of security which is often provided to Cabinet Ministers, High Court and Supreme Court Judges, Chief Ministers, senior bureaucrats and high level politicians. Currently, according to reports less than five VIPs are provided with this level of security. 

Z+ level of security has a 36 personnel detail including more than 10 National Security Guard commandos. Only 25 VVIPs have this level of security. 

Z level of security has 22 personnel, including four or five National Security Guard (NSG) commandos. Around 60 VIPs in the country have this level of security. 

X level is considered the most basic level of security with two personnel on guard. Over 70 VIPs in the country have been provided X level of security. 

Here is what Twitter has to say about the actor being provided Y level of security. 

The actor will land in Mumbai on 9th September.