In the world of Indian TV shows like Naagin and Bigg Boss, there are some which are going out of their way to try and make a difference. 

With 74 episodes, Barrister Babu has already spoken about issues that other shows shy away from on National television. 

The show begins with a young Bonita being forced to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather, who passes away as soon as the two tie the knot. Set in the time of British rule in India, the customs expect Bonita to Sati herself. Enter young Barrister Anirudh Roy Choudhary who marries her to save her life. 

Obviously, being a desi serial, the show has its own quirks. The whole repeat everything 3 times, give the lead a love triangle and doing stuff just for laughs charade continues. But it does try to do more than that. Because when Bonita isn’t pulling a Gopi Bahu by washing Anirudh’s college degree, she is asking quite a few important questions. 

Bonita isn’t quite sure about how education works, and Anirudh wants her to work towards becoming a Barrister like him. But she has to start from scratch, learning to read and write from a home tutor, something that doesn’t sit right with the rest of the family. 

Yes, the show has the whole ‘elders’ who are stuck in their old ways and don’t understand Anirudh’s stubbornness towards educating Bonita. But when you look past that, you hear them discussing important issues like sex education, harassment, child marriage, the right and wrong touch, gender equality amongst others. 

A surprisingly informed show that starts a discussion about issues that are somehow still relevant, years after independence. An adorable Bonita giving innocent monologues about gender equality and atrocities against women are the highlights of the show. 

P.S. Lowkey loving the fact that there is no romantic arc between Anirudh and Bonita yet because that would just be creepy. He looks at her with pride and admiration because she’s badass. 

All images are from the show. You can watch the Barrister Babu on Voot.