Is Your Mind Strong Enough To Take This Inception Quiz & Still Come Back To Reality?

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Ah Nolan, a man who can seemingly do no wrong, cinematically speaking. His dreamfaring, skyscraper-bending thrill ride Inception came out in 2010 - that's right, 10 years ago. It's still a magnificent film, with stunning action segments along with deeper questions about the fabric of reality. But while it's still fresh as a film, how fresh are the details in your mind? Take this quiz to find out.  

1. How long did Cobb and Mal spend in Limbo, leading to her disconnect with reality? 

2. Which famous artist were the paradoxical stairs inspired by in the film?

3. What does Mal use to try and attack Ariadne?

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4. What do the numbers '528-491', scattered throughout the movie, actually mean?

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5. What does the sedative created by Yusuf the chemist do?

6. What is Saito's totem?

7. Why is Arthur in zero-gravity during the hotel fight scene?

8. What does Saito hire Cobb to do to exactly?

9. How does Eames distract Fischer's subconscious while they're at the hotel?

10. 5 minutes in the real world is...

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