Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters is a beautiful place where young mutants are taught how to use their abilities to help mankind. Although this is a fictional institution, there might be a slight connection between this fictional world of the West with Indian movies. We’ve come up with some Indian names who can be great contenders to be the next “big” superhero. 

1. The Juggernaut – One Punch to end them all

Saitama is the protagonist of an anime called One Punch Man. Sunny Paaji can definitely end a villain with one punch. “Yeh dhai kilo ka haath, jab kisi pe uthta hai na. Toh woh uthta nahi, uth jaata hai.”


2. Our own Longshot flies through the sky with bullets

The X-Men Cinematic universe is yet to give us a good version of Longshot on the big screen. Longshot is a mutant who is extremely skilled at firepower but can he shoot himself into the sky? Nope.


3. The Super Ninja-version Psyloche is stealthy AF

When Mithun Da decided to fight women in a not-so-lethal ninja way. Are you watching, Psyloche?

4. The Man of Lead

Superman cannot be harmed by bullets but that’s because he’s the son of Krypton. Our Indian hero can’t be harmed by bullets because he’s the son of the soil.


5. The Indian Super-Magneto can bend the laws of Physics.

Magneto exercises control over ferro-magnetic substances but our own Magneto exercises control over the laws of Physics.


6. The Beast believes in a pick-n-drop mannerism of fighting.

Has Beast ever slam-dunked his enemy like his Indian counterpart? This happens only in India.


7. Our own Berzerker can kill with one strike.

Berzerker can wall-run but Singham can person-run and then absolutely destroy someone with one tap on the head.


8. Our Pyro is smokin’ hot. He can light fire out of his fingers.

Being a pyromaniac was never this cool.“Bohot aag hai andar bujhaane ke liye”


9. Our “whatever-you’d-like-to-call-this” killing with Bananas.

His superpower includes converting vegetables and fruits into lethal weapons. What a time to be alive!

10. The Desi Colossus can shakes his chest just like he can rip out the spines of his opposition.

It’s like sometimes I don’t understand mankind. That is some unreal man-chest shaking on display right there. Just like Colossus turns into metal, this guy turns into whatever this is.

11. He’s our very own Professor Xavier because he’s the one true leader of them all.

Rajnikanth is definitely as powerful as the other superheroes put together. We couldn’t possibly put into words what the superstar is capable of. Rajnikanth Sir is our very own Professor Xavier because only he is capable of training our desi X-Men.


Imagine a world where these superheroes are protecting India. Wouldn’t that be something we’ll all benefit from? Let’s hope that our application for getting these guys into the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters gets approved and we have our own X-Men.