He walks, naps, eats and breathes like the rest of us but don’t let that confuse you. The Indian advertising client is the reason why scientists worldwide insist on proving the theory of human evolution flawed. But on the other hand, he even makes a “talent-less hack” (read advertising professional) seem clever. The next time you hear something daft, remind yourself  that somewhere on the planet is an exasperated ad guy who is pulling out his hair because this is what he/she has to hear everyday.

1. “Can we have an option where the sky is in our ‘brand colours?'”

2. ” I love the creative. When can we see options for this?”

3. ” Can you please make the yellow in the layout a bit more yellow?”

4. “Can you Photoshop the man’s hair to make him look Indian?”

5. “Let’s discuss the brief at lunch, hope you will deliver it by the evening.”

6. “It’s a great script but can you cut it down to have our product window on the screen for 60 seconds.”

7.(While describing his marketing strategy) “I want a video that goes viral.”

8.(Speaking about his high-end brand) “But I think it’s too evolved for the masses.”

9.(When asked to profile his target audience)“All Facebook users in India.”

10.(While reacting to an ad about cancer patients) “Can you make this guy look a little more cheerful and positive?”

11. “I have a big idea for this brand. Let’s cast a Bollywood celebrity.”

12.(While referring to an award winning international ad) “Can we do something like this but make sure it doesn’t look lifted?”

13. “We don’t have the budget for a photo-shoot but please make sure my product looks sexy and appealing.”

14. (By far the most shitty remark I have heard in my career). “Why don’t you ask the creative team to smoke up and come up with a big idea?”

Images courtesy Saransh Singh, Team ScoopWhoop