A person becomes a celebrity only when he has a crazy brigade of fans. And once again, it’s the same fans who raise a celebrity’s status and make him a star. And when in India, this unique love for our stars knows no bounds. After all, we’re a country where temples have been dedicated to celebrate the ‘godliness’ of Bollywood stars. However, the fact of the matter remains, stars are also regular people and they love it when fans show their love and affection towards them. 


Recently, a fan of Shah Rukh Khan made his version of the trailer of his upcoming film, Fan. King Khan saw it and loved it so much that he even offered him a job in his VFX team. This is just one of the instances where the stars have appreciated their fans. 

Here are 10 other instances where fans were noticed and appreciated by the their idols:

1. A 100-year-old woman who remembers nothing but Amitabh Bachchan.

Bernandini D’souza, a 100-year-old woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, doesn’t remember anything; but what she doesn’t forget is Amitabh Bachchan. Her obsession for Bachchan is so much that she eats her food only after looking at his picture. When the actor came to know about D’souza, he arranged for her to visit him and he even celebrated his birthday with her. Upon meeting Big B, D’souza screamed his name and even danced with him. 


2. A man stayed barefoot while Sanjay Dutt was in jail.

Sandeep Bacche, an auto rickshaw driver by profession, is a huge fan of Sanjay Dutt. He has inked the actor’s face on his arm to show his love for him. And not just that, he also stopped wearing footwear ever since the actor was jailed. Recently, when Dutt came back home, there was a huge frenzy to meet him and amongst them, Sandeep waited to catch a glimpse of the star. When Sanjay got to know about Sandeep, he arranged a meeting with him and Sandeep was thoroughly excited.


3. Aamir Khan met his teenage fan who suffers from progeria.

Nihal Bitla suffers from a rare genetic disorder, progeria. His body ages 8 times faster than normal. Recently, Nihal expressed his desire to meet Aamir Khan to thank him for making the film Taare Zameen Par through a Facebook post. Nihal found the film extremely inspiring. When Aamir got to know about this, he arranged for a meeting with the teenager. Nihal was over the moon when he met his favorite film star and thanked him for the goodies that he gave him.


4. Priyanka Chopra personally thanked a fan who painted a portrait of her. 

Saurabh Kant Shrivastava, a designer and artist, is a big admirer of Priyanka Chopra and lovingly painted a portrait of the actress. The detailing in his painting captures the minutest details of the actress along with her costume. He was extremely glad when he got an opportunity to meet the actress and gifted his work to her in person.


5. Salman Khan met his fan from Pakistan while he was getting a liver transplant at a hospital in India.

Abdul Basit, an 11-year-old from Pakistan, developed severe jaundice soon after birth. As he grew older, his skin thickened and the light penetration decreased, making his treatment really difficult. Abdul is a big fan of Salman Khan, so when he was in India for a liver transplant, the boy’s family was very keen for the superstar to visit. And Salman did not disappoint them. He happily came to Delhi to visit the boy once his transplant was successfully done.


6. MS Dhoni met a fan suffering from jaundice and now sponsors his travel to all Team India matches.

Ram Babu, who hails from Chandigarh, is an ardent fan of Dhoni. Ram is often seen at the games hoisting the tricolor. He was suffering from dengue before the World Twenty20. When Dhoni came to know about it, he arranged for a meeting with the fan. Dhoni even went on to arrange the best doctor available for Ram’s treatment. Ram has even got Dhoni’s name inked on his right arm. They’ve stayed in touch ever since and Dhoni even sponsors his travel and match tickets around the country for all Team India matches.


7. Akshay Kumar met a fan who walked from Haryana to Mumbai for 42 days to see his idol.

A young lad from Haryana walked for 42 days from his place to Mumbai to meet his favorite actor. Interestingly, when the fan reached the star’s building, Akshay wasn’t in Mumbai; so the boy decided to camp outside his building. He slept on the road for days. When Akshay got back and was told about this guy, he readily stepped outside to meet him. When asked, he told Akshay that he doesn’t have much money and hence couldn’t afford to travel by any other means. Akshay was bewildered by the love this guy showed for him but asked him to return to his home town as his family must be anxious by his absence.


8. Sachin Tendulkar calls this fan a ‘national icon’.

Well, everyone now knows about Sudhir Chaudhary, who Sachin Tendulkar calls ‘a national icon’. Sudhir can be seen on television whenever India is playing an International match. He follows the Indian team everywhere and has chosen to remain unmarried because he doesn’t want to spoil a girl’s life as following cricket is his only passion. While at a press conference, Sudhir waded through journalists and fell on Sachin’s feet and the legend invited him home for lunch. Since then, the two have developed a special bond and Sachin is happy to help whenever Sudhir wants to travel abroad for a match.


9. Hrithik Roshan surprised his fan, who has his name inked on her arm, when the actor met her. 

Jyoti Vishwakarma from Kolkata has collected over 10,000 pictures of her favorite star and even bears a tattoo of his name on her hand. Jyoti was called to Mumbai for a show and was pleasantly surprised when the actor came to meet her. It was a dream come true for her when Hrithik visited her and even made coffee for her. Jyoti was in tears after meeting her idol.


10. Rajinikanth met and spent time with a fan with heart ailment in Kuala Lumpur. 

Agnes Sandanam is an ardent fan of the superstar. Agnes is a heart patient and is facing severe health issues but her biggest wish was to meet her idol. Agnes lives in Kuala Lumpur and when she learnt that the actor was shooting nearby, she decided to pay him a visit. Rajinikanth was delighted to meet the girl and was amazed by her strength. Agnes described the movie star as a down-to-earth, humble and friendly person.


Give it up for all the Jabra fans in the house!