Okay, how many of you have been watching Shark Tank India? I only ask because if we have based it on its American counterpart, then it’s a group of insufferable rich a**seholes being really rude to people. It’s literally the same show as Roadies. Anyhow, it’s become such a popular phenomenon that Indian comics have been getting really creative about it on Instagram. 

1. Here’s Biswa Kalyan Rath

Who is Aman? I really need to watch this show. 

2. Urooj Ashfaq is awesome, man. Here she is imitating Namita Thapar. 

3. And former AIB main man, Rohan Joshi!

4. Here’s Mallika Dua as Namita Thapar explaining the directions to WeFast riders: 

5. Here’s Rohan Joshi, Sahil Shah and Tanmay Bhat pitching the worst idea ever

6. Sakshi Shivdasani did a reaction video where she watches the first ever pitch on Shark Tank India. 

7. Varun Thakur did a whole show talking about Shark Tank India. Well, they spoke about a lot of things actually. 

8. Here’s Biswa with another gem. 

We will keep updating this list as more content keeps coming up.