Most people in India have a big family. And that means a lot of cousins. Here are a few that most of us have in our families.

1. The Goofball Cousin

He’s the one who makes the jokes at all the family get-together and functions. He loves being the family jester and the undisputed centre of attention.

2. The Over-Achieving Cousin Sister

There’s an over-achieving sister in every family. She has at least three degrees, has probably studied abroad, written a book or two and has a high paying job while juggling a family at the same time.

3. The Playboy Elder Brother

He’s the care-free, happy go lucky womanizer all the boys in the family idolize and wish to emulate. But that’s easier said than done. Because you can’t acquire the game, you’re born with it.

4. The Responsible One

Remember Salman khan’s character from Baghban? This cousin is the real life version of the reel life “sanskaari” Alok. They’re polite, studious and impeccably mannered; and more often than not, whenever you do something stupid, you are told to “Kuch seekho ussey!”

5. The Terrible Twosome

They’re always a pair. And they’re always about the same age. Individually, they are sheep. But together, they are lions. Annoying, sarcastic, boisterous little lions who make fun of everyone in the family and get away with it because “ye toh abhi bacchey hain.”

6. The Kindergarten Squad

Little children are cute, but they can be slightly annoying at times. Now imagine a whole bunch of toddlers running around the place, laughing, crying, screaming and pooping at the drop of a hat. And they’re all related.

7. The Shy Cousin

She is shy. Like really, really shy. You’ve probably never heard a word from their mouth. And when you have, it was an indiscernible squeak. When the cousins get together, she’s the one who makes an excuse and bolts as soon as possible.

8. The Vagabond

He’s often used as a cautionary tale in the family. “Whatever you do, don’t end up like him.” But you don’t care, because he’s the most chilled out person you’ve ever met.

9. The “Foren” Cousins

They’re the ones who stay in “Emreeka” or “Kaneda” and fly down to meet you once every 5 years or so. Every time they visit, their accent becomes thicker and thicker.

10. The Cousins You Only See At A Wedding

That is literally the first time you ever see them .You wave at them, smile and then wait awkwardly for someone to introduce you to them.

11. The Doting Cousin Sister

This is especially true for guys who are single kids or only have brothers in their own family. You always have that one cousin sister who thinks the world of you. And even if she lives far from you, every time you receive her “rakhi” in the mail on Rakshabandhan, you smile from ear to ear.

12. The Artistic Cousin

He’s the cousin with whom you can’t have a conversation without feeling like you know nothing about culture and the arts.

13. The Cousin With All The Advice

You try to avoid him, but in the end, he finds you anyway. He’s usually way older than you and has a family of his own. But since he can’t lecture his wife or his toddlers, he grabs you and starts telling you everything that he has learnt in life so far.

14. The Cousin You Love To Hang Out With

Your favourite cousin. The cousin with whom you have an effortless rapport with and can to for hours.