Everybody loves Indian food, from WWE superstars to pop stars to Hollywood legends. Take a look for yourself. 

1. WWE Superstar Roman Reigns tried some Indian snacks and from the looks of it, he’s pretty fond of Soan Papdi. 


Boy, he should be in India around Diwali, shouldn’t he? Everybody and their mother gifts a packet at your house during the festival. 


He tries quite a few desi snacks, BTW and he thinks they are all ‘Ek Number’. 

2. Billionaire Bill Gates is also quite fond of Indian food, lamb curry to be precise. 

Can’t be surprised. Half the guys that worked with him at Microsoft were probably Indians. 

I love Indian food. I have it for lunch at work pretty often and it’s just great. But going to India is phenomenal. I probably eat far more than I should when I travel to India as it is such a great chance to eat the local food. In particular, I really like lamb curries and some of the chicken dishes.  
Business Insider

3. Another WWE superstar, AJ Styles actually liked Besan ke Ladoo so much, he kept one. 

To be fair, AJ Styles found a few of our snacks a little too hot but boy, he loved those Besan ke Ladoos. 

You can watch the video here: 

4. The legendary Will Smith is a big fan of Chicken Tikka Masala. No surprises there. It’s probably our most popular import to the West. 

The actor revealed this when he was in India to promote his film Bright. He spoke of his friendship with Indo-Canadian actor Akshay Kumar and how he loved Indian food. 

Last year, Akshay had a party and it was the best food that I have ever in my life. It was a little bit of everything.

5. You might remember Tom Cruise visiting Asha Bhosle’s restaurant in London and ordering Chicken Tikka Masala and loving it so much that he ordered another portion. 

BTW, in the most Tom Cruise thing ever, he asked for extra spices. Hey man, any white person who’s got the cojones to do that, deserves mad respect. 

6. Lady Gaga is an adventurous woman. Well, she loves Chicken Lababdar and according to reports, she ate hot curries thrice a day after getting off a particularly restrictive diet. 

It’s Lady Gaga. So, that is not surprising at all. Kudos to her, regardless. 

Japan Times

7. For those of us born in the 90s, Matthew Hayden was the man who tormented us every time Australia played India. But these days, he is an affectionate old uncle from down under who really loves his curd rice. 

He loves curd rice, dal fry and some pickle. And BTW, he’s got a cookbook published. So maybe, in the future, we will see him actually cooking some Indian dishes. 

8. Actor Brad Pitt has been to India a few times and his love for naan, dal and chicken masala is well documented. 

Even when he is in the United States, the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor loves visiting Indian restaurants. 

Ange and I do visit Indian restaurants in the US whenever we get time. Even our kids are fond of Indian food. 

Oh, and he also loves Achari Lamb. 

9. You know what, a lot of people dismiss Idli but here’s the thing. Madonna likes it. So your arguments are invalid. 

She once revealed in an interview just how much he loved Idlis when she had visited the country. And from the looks of it, she really loves the South Indian style of cooking. Mind you, this is not to say all South Indian style of cooking is the same or remotely similar. 

On my visit to India, I had learnt how idlis could help you in losing weight and also take care of your carb cravings. I love Indian food because of its magical aroma. I distinctly like the smell of fresh coriander in the curries. 
Harper’s Bazaar

10. Shakira is Colombian and I am gonna be honest with you, a lot of our food is very similar. So, it really makes sense that the musician really loves Indian food. 

She’s a big fan of Chicken Tikka, Afghani Chicken and Gajar Ka Halwa. 

So, the next time some racist white dude says, InDiAn FoOd Is BaD, it is okay for you to troll them.