There are a lot of things that make Mad Men what it is. Its unapologetic realism, its superior acting and the fact that they rarely let anything mess with their story lines. That got us thinking, would Mad Men have worked in our country where pretty much every show has the same story and subject. Let’s just have a look at 16 things that would have happened if Mad Men was actually an Indian Show.

1. Don Draper’s idea of cheating on his wife would be four-minute long song sequences with other women.

2. Any real brands used in the show would only be shown in a good light. Any brand with a negative storyline would have a fake name. ‘Jaguar’ will become ‘Raguar’.

3. The entire story about ‘Lucky Strikes’ would be missing.

4. Every Mad Men episode would begin with gruesome visuals of lung cancer with Don Draper’s voice letting you know that smoking kills.

5. Every time there’s a big budget Bollywood movie about to release, the cast would appear on Mad Men for no absolute reason whatsoever except to promote their movie.

6. And of course, Mad Men would have completed its 500th episode by now.

7. Don Draper’s daughter would have been played by 4 different child actors till now.

8. Every episode would have at least 20 minutes of dramatic music and just shots of actors looking at each other.

9. Don Draper’s mom would still be alive and would be torturing Betty in the first couple of seasons and Megan in the last couple of seasons.

10. There would be sub plots of betrayals involving Draper’s family members including his sister, her husband and a couple of his cousins.

11. The highest level of office romance Roger and Joan would indulge in would be just holding hands and staring intently into each other’s eyes.

12. Peggy would be crying non-stop pretty much every 5 minutes per episode.

13. The actresses would be wearing the latest collection from Manish Malhotra.

14. The entire issue of racism/sexism would be completely skipped over and be replaced with more mother-in-law based plots.

15. Betty would be portrayed as a helpless woman who will ultimately change Don Draper through her pure love and tears

16. Also by now, Draper will be 80 years old with six generations to look after.