The last episode of Indian Matchmaking left us with a truckload of questions. And the cast of the show finally decided to answer some of them in a special episode! Here’s everything we found out from Netflix’s reunion episode:

1. Aparna hates the double standards as much as we do

If you thought you were mad at Sima aunty for calling Aparna stubborn and then acting all sweet with Pradhyuman, then trust us, you’re not the only one. Because Aparna 100% agrees. 

2. Akshay revealed why the engagement just lasted overnight 

Akshay and Radhika got engaged on-screen in Indian Matchmaking. However, Akshay revealed that he did not feel comfortable holding a conversation with Radhika and realised that the two were just way too different. 

3. Nadia’s DMs are flooded with thirsty messages 

Nadia, who didn’t actually end up dating anyone at the end of the show, turned into a crowd favourite. So obviously, the aftermath of the show’s success, included her receiving a hundred fan messages. Some of included thirst-DMs and even a few marriage proposals!

4. Nadia and Vinay are not on talking terms 

After how things went on the show, Nadia and Vinay didn’t actually have a conversation during the video call. They just said that misunderstandings occurred but Nadia refused to comment on their relationship. 

5. Aparna is still friends with all the men she went on dates with

Aparna may not have found love yet, but does text all her dates and is friends with them. How sweet!

6. Pradhyuman told us why he and Rushali broke up 

Pradhyuman opened up about the break-up and said that the distance played a huge factor in their falling out. To add to that, their priorities in life were different. She wanted to concentrate on her modelling career and he wanted to settle down. 

7. Guru has decided to work on his social skills 

To put it lightly, Guru’s date did not go very well. He admitted in the episode that he was awkward and is working on his skills after taking the criticism he received into account. 

8. Vyasar shared why things didn’t work out between him and Rashi. 

Vyasar shared that Rashi wasn’t ready for something serious and they both have a lot of growing up to do. 

Watch the full video here:

All images are screenshots from the Netflix YouTube video.