Param Sharma, better known by his Instagram Handle, itslavishbitch is a supposedly rich 18 year old who lives in San Francisco in the United States. He is allegedly from Delhi and is the son of extremely wealthy parents. He is notorious as “ Instagram’s Most Hated Teenager ” and “Instagram’s Biggest Jerk.”

Why, you may ask? Well that’s because Param is fond of buying expensive designer accessories, iPhones (by the dozen) and expensive cars. That would be fine, except for the fact that he is fond of displaying said goodies on Instagram in the douchiest manner possible. Oh, and he calls us commoners “peasants, serfs and bitches” while he does it. The worst kid on the planet or extremely clever troll? Your call.

This is his Instagram account.

And this is a bottle of Pellegrino Sparkling Water. The Bvlgari Limited Edition no less.

Which he flushed down his toilet.

He likes to do the Scrooge McDuck thing with dollars.

And flip people off while he does it.

He carries around lots of iPhones.

Because you never know when you might need playing cards.

He’s got so much money, he tries to eat it.

Sometimes, he gives it away too.

He lives in a pent-house.

And drives a Rolls Royce with a solid gold grill.

Even his staples are gold plated. You know, because.

He once went on a shopping spree and cleaned out an Apple Store.

He also has a liking for bling. And for dissing rappers and sundry celebs.

He likes to cruise around in his Bentley.

And wear designer clothing. Peasants…

Did I mention that he has a limo?

He is super generous.

And super vain.

But his life can be tough.

After all, there’s so much money to spend and so little time.

Oh. And here’s a photo of him tying about 4,000 Dollars to a couple of balloons and letting them float away.