The popular Netflix show Indian Matchmaking recently bagged an Emmy nomination, and that started a debate, with people rightfully pointing out that it was regressive and did not deserve a spot for that reason. Which made us think of Indian shows which did deserve a spot. 

Now, while Indian Matchmaking was produced by Indian-American filmmaker Smriti Mundhra, with the support of cast and crew from across the globe, it was the Indian audience that made it huge. And so, here are few other shows on OTT which got the approval of the country, and were much better in their messaging and many other aspects. Read on.

1. Made In Heaven

If one really has to choose a show that portrays Indian weddings with all their beauty and the societal horror that surrounds them, then why not Made In Heaven? It talks about issues such as dowry, sexism, homophobia while also delving into the personal lives of some very well-rounded characters.

It is noteworthy here that actor Arjun Mathur did get an Emmy nomination for the best actor award, but he unfortunately did not win. 

The Quint

2. The Family Man 

A crime drama that simultaneously makes a commentary on the lives of people who put everything at risk for others, The Family Man (especially season 2), is a great watch and is highly binge-able. And while we are making a case for the show, can we also do it for the excellent Manoj Bajpayee?

India TV News

3. Scam 1992

Even with such amazing shows on the list, I think we can say that none have captured the attention of Indian viewers like Scam 1992. Based on the real-life stock market scam of 1992, and the life of scamster Harshad Mehta, the thriller is fast-paced and nicely tells a very complicated story.

The Indian Express

4. Paatal Lok

Paatal Lok is a peek into the lives of policemen in India. It also discusses themes like inequality, corruption, and above all, the commitment of one person that can change the fate of a case. This one is full of references one can go back to, and we think that the writers deserve a lot of credit for it.

The Indian Express

5. Pushpavalli

The brainchild of comedian-writer Sumukhi Suresh, Pushpavalli explores romance with a tinge of darkness, and that is what makes it stand out. Sumukhi walks a very fine line between what’s appropriate and what isn’t and emerges as a winner.

Cinema Express

6. Mirzapur

With some very quotable (albeit NSFW at times) dialogues and strong characters, Mirzapur became a crowd favourite right from the time it was released. It’s full of drama, which sometimes gets over the top, but on the whole, one can’t take away from great acting performances and the writing which makes the show what it is. 


7. Panchayat

An engineer’s attempt to bring a change in village Phulera in Uttar Pradesh is what Panchayat is about. It is an excellent mix of comedy and social commentary, throwing light on the struggles of rural India. The show was a huge hit at the inaugural Filmfare OTT awards, and deservedly so.


Well, hello Emmy’s.