Here’s a list of 10 crazy slangs you should use if you really want to be “Yo.” Ok bro? Yo bro!


“CHICK.” The hottest girl around. The queen bee. Maybe the one sitting next to you or the one reading this. “PAK-PAK-PAKA.”

2. Sab Bro hain!

Looks like everyone’s following the bro code now. Every guy you meet is a bro. Even girls are BROs. YO BRO!


It went from “Baa” to “baby” to “babezzz.” It’s funky to say and the oneyou say it to automatically become hawt and what not.

4. Sup Dude?

Doodh, doodh, doodh, doodh, wonderful dude. I just had to make that joke. The word is DUDE. The guy with the power, goodness and richness of nothing!


Just laughing is not enough. You can’t execute a fake laugh properly unless you LoL,  even when you don’t want to smile.

6. Awwwwww……ful

The single As and multiple double-Us. When girls go “awww,” guys go “ewww.” Awwww is the new sweetu, cutoo, koochi-koo and poochi-pie. And every bit as annoying.

7. ROFL- Rolling On Floor with LAMENESS!

Do you want to be really irritating? Just say ROFL. To increase the irritation factor, feel free to add LMAO. And be the KING OF LAME.


All you just need is a pair of skin fit jeans, a fake “Being Human” T-shirt and a pair of goggles. And you look SWAG.  Fake it baby!

9. Bitch please!

“ You look so hot!” Bitch please!“ Wanna go on Coffee?” Bitch please!“ Hi.” Bitch please!

10. No more asterisks (F**K.) WE ALL KNOW ITS FUCK.

Gone were the days when F use to stands for Fish. Now, it stands for the most versatile word in the English language, “Fuck.”