While we rush to the theatres to watch The Avengers and the Justice League (not so much but you get it), there are a plethora of Indian superheroes just lying around in comics. And a lot of them are just pure god damn badasses and need their own live-action movies or shows. So, we thought we could at least start the conversation by doing a little casting of our own. 

1. Nagraj – Ranveer Singh

Nagraj is one of the most intriguing Indian superheroes that exist. The storylines are also pretty messed up at times. Awesome but messed up. And the character demands that the actor be capable of extremes when needed be, to have the acting abilities but also look like a superhero. 


2. Doga- Vicky Kaushal

Doga is a sociopath who definitely has PTSD. He’s fucked up and morally bankrupt to a point. And yet, he chooses to do good and save people.

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And so the character needs someone who can play complex and dark roles and also looks good in hand to hand combat scenes and we all know Kaushal’s got that shit nailed. 


3. Super Commando Dhruva- Tiger Shroff

For starters, he looks the part. He’s lean and athletic (understatement of the year) and is pretty damn good at martial arts. I mean, Tiger Shroff should get producers and make the movie himself. It’s like the one role he’s meant to play. 

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4. Inspector Steel – Ali Fazal

Steel is India’s answer to Robocop. He’s a cyborg with a ton of impressive and heavy weaponry. 

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The only problem is you can’t really see his face so you need someone with the physical presence to portray the role convincingly. And express emotions with as few words as possible. Hence, Ali Fazal. 

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5. Parmanu- Vikrant Massey

Parmanu doesn’t have any superpowers. His abilities come with his suit, which allows him to become minuscule. Just like DC’s Atom, which is what I think Parmanu literally means. 


And while he is a physical specimen, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that in a live-action film. Personally, Vikrant Massey has the right amount of swagger and calmness to pull this character off. 


7. Avatrex- Shah Rukh Khan

This is an all-powerful, god-like creature that has awakened to fight the last war of the age only to realise that he is way too early for the apocalypse. And now, he must learn the way of humankind and live in a world that he could easily end. 

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The role requires someone with a lot of charisma, charm and have a royalty-like presence every time he talks. He must walk the Earth like he’s the one who created it. So, obviously, it has to Shah Rukh Khan. 


8. Bhokal- Hrithik Roshan

Bhokal is basically India’s answer to He-Man. Also, he has wings and wears only a singlet. The comics is bloody and gory and has very mystical origins. 

So, if they ever decide to make a movie or show out of it, and obviously give the man a much-desired costume redesign, there is no reason why Hrithik Roshan couldn’t play this Witcheresque role. 

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9. Chakra – Faisal Khan

The dancer and former child actor might not be that prominent on screen these days but hey, this could be a role he should definitely be cast in. It’s tailor-made for him. 


Faisal would be the right age for a character like this. Maybe, he is a little older but come on, you can’t really expect people to believe that 16-year-olds will stop watching porn and save Mumbai. So…

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10. Bheriya- Vineet Kumar Singh 

As the name suggests, the character has wolf-like powers and can communicate with animals. He is also eternally linked to Kobi because they have one soul. The role requires someone with really good acting chops and really, really good hand-to-hand combat scenes. 


Obviously, it sounds a bit weird but it can be done in a modern setting using real-world situations and it could be freaking awesome. 

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Hope someone makes these some day. It’s high time we had a cinematic universe of our own and not the one Rohit Shetty wants to make.