Indian TV shows have surpassed all the limits to be dramatic and make sense. It looks like they have participated in a cringe-fest together, and we get to witness a new disaster every day! This time it has reached the next level, and well, we couldn’t help but bring this TV show scene to you.

Episode 7 Shock GIF by Hotstar - Find & Share on GIPHY

In the scene coming up on your screen next, you will see an idiocy but, at the same time, wonder what happens next. This scene has defied gravity as you see a child falling from a cliff. Next, we have a couple running to save the little one, but the child has already fallen from the cliff and is still alive.

Cut to, we have a villain standing above the bus and enjoying this view with a long ponytail. Well, now the guy jumps from the cliff to save the child, how? have a look:

Like us, netizens are curious to know what happened next and the rest just want to unsee it.

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