Indian TV shows do not have shaadi scenes, shaadi scenes have Indian TV shows. Like really, the makers will use any excuse to get someone married, and then ideally have them killed to break the monotony before they show another wedding. 

Here, we make a list of the most bizarre weddings on Indian television. Be warned, there are 5 on average in every series. 

1. Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Let’s start with the legendary stuff. 

Okay, so those of you who are too young to remember, there is this guy Mihir who dies but doesn’t really die if you know what I mean. He does lose his memory though and hence, has no way of getting back to his family. Now Tusli, his wife, doesn’t know shit about all this so she is getting married to someone else. That is when Mihir makes a grand entry, and guess what happens? Red gulaal falls on his face, because…

If ram ram jai raaja ram doesn’t play in your head on seeing this picture, I don’t know how to talk to you.


2. Kasautii Zindagii Kay

So, when the show was first made in 2001, it had 4 marriages and 1 divorce because legal moralism wasn’t a thing back then on Indian TV.

Anurag marries Komolika. Anurag divorces Komolika.
Rishabh Bajaj marries Prerna. He doesn’t divorce his ex-wife.
Then Prerna and Anurag marry each other. But how will Prerna divorce Bajaj if their marriage only was illegal? 

Oh, Anurag marries someone named Aparna also in the middle. Marrying is a nice hobby to have.


3. Kasamh Se 

So, there are 3 sisters who are living with a wealthy businessman after their father’s demise and this businessman falls in love with one of them.

But she obviously loves someone else. Hence, a genius comes up with the idea of getting him married to the other sister, Bani. Later this girl goes through challenges enough for 30 people’s lifetimes and gets separated from him. But she comes back and they get married again and he falls in love with her. Or it was the other way round. Nevermind. 

Zee 5

4. Kahiin to Hoga

Kashish marries Piyush though she loves Sujal. But Piyush gets murdered and Kashish thinks Sujal did it, so, you know what she does? Correct. Shaadi. Now, Sujal was presumed dead for some episodes after his wedding to Kashish, and he comes back with no memory and a new face (don’t make me explain this). He marries Kashish’s sister then, realising later who he is. 

Meanwhile, the sister he marries also dies so YOU KNOW WHAT KASHISH DOES? Correct. Shaadi. This time to Shabbir Ahluwalia.


5. Sasural Simar Ka

In this twisted tale of sisterhood, Simar, a dancer, gets a chance to participate in an event, but on the day of her wedding. So her younger sister covers for her by going above and beyond her duties as a sibling. She marries Simar’s fiance because that’s a perfectly normal thing to do. And for some reason, initially, no one finds out about this.

Later, Simar becomes a makkhi, though, so this hardly qualifies as weird.

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6. Kumkum Bhagya

Purab loves Bulbul despite being engaged to Abhishek’s sister Alia. Alia thinks Purab likes Pragya. So Abhishek marries Pragya to remove her from the way. Now Purab has to get married to Alia, right? He doesn’t. He tells everyone he loves Bulbul actually and Pragya was never in the scene.

Basically, Pragya and Abhishek get married for no reason and that is what the main plot is. What a great meet-cute, no?

Zee 5

7. Naagin

In season 1 of the show, icchadharu naagin Shivanya marries Ritik to avenge her family member’s death. Won’t go into too much detail because I think this picture is enough. 


8. Balika Vadhu

What started as a good social commentary show, became a series of shaadis. Jagdish and Anandi are married off as children, but when Jagdish grows up and moves to another city, he falls for his colleague.

He marries her under the impression that his marriage to Anandi was illegal. But the couple has fights and they take a divorce. Meanwhile, Anandi also marries a guy named Shiv and Jagdish tries to create a rift between the two but fails. So he marries someone else. 

In case you didn’t notice, they took the word vadhu very, very seriously.

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9. Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 

In the best wedding of all weddings, Ratan and Diya get married ‘accidentally’, after his sleeve grazes through sindoor and falls on her maang as he combs his hair. 

As he goes to wipe it off, Diya holds his hand. Like no Ratan, ho gaya ab toh. Baal banane the, biwi ban gayi.

10. Kundali Bhagya

This girl named Preeta first convinces Rishabh to marry Sherlyn, even though he actually loves her. And when the poor thing decides he will get married to Sherlyn, Preeta is like “no, let’s cancel this, she is a bad woman I recently found out”. 

Preeta, let me tell you 2 things about matchmaking.

1. This is not how you do it.

2. 1. 

Times of India

They say marriages are made heaven, and if that’s true, the person making them for these characters needs a new hobby.