If you’ve already binged through streaming sites over the weekend, or even the week (who even knows the difference anymore?), or have been kicked off your friends’ subscription plan with a password change, then worry not. 

Because here are some amazing, engrossing, and diverse web series available on YouTube for free: 

1. Kota Factory

India’s first black-and-white web series takes us through India’s engineering-entrance coaching hub, Kota. It reminds you of loyal friends, first love, and amazing mentors. 

2. Baked

When the going gets tough, the tough start delivering food. At least that’s what three college friends get up to, in an attempt to make some extra cash, in Baked


3. Bang Baaja Baraat

From Hindi movies to Hindi web series, weddings have continued to remain chaotic, dramatic, and altogether entertaining. And nothing proves that better than Bang Baaja Baraat.

4. Star Boyz

Alternate universe meets comedy sketches and the result is a space adventure with three boys and zero logical sense. Laughter guaranteed! 

5. Ladies Room

A hilariously honest show that finally answers the ‘mystery’, “why do women go to the washroom in a group?”. 

6. The Reunion

The Reunion reminds us that sometimes, a trip to our past can help us discover a way to our future. 

7. What The Folks?

When two people get married, it’s not just about adjusting with each other. It’s also about adjusting with each other’s family. And that’s the journey Nikhil and Anita undertake across three seasons of misadventures. 

8. Engineering Girls

Relive the highs and lows of your college days with three girls who are struggling with late assignments, college societies, and the hostel life. 


9. Adulting

There are only two kinds of flatmates you remember for life – the best ones, and the worst ones. And Adulting is a story of the best ones. Easily one of the most relatable shows, when it comes to friendships and adulting failures. 

10. Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa

Sex conversations between parents and children may be awkward, but they are necessary – and nothing proves that better than this informative, yet entertaining web series. 

11. Official Chukyagiri

If you’re done with college romances, then binge-watch this comedy-drama about the corporate world. 

12. Girl in the City

Whether it’s been one year or ten, the idea of navigating a new city and charting your own path always brings a mixture of nervousness and excitement. And that’s exactly the feeling that Girl in the City encapsulates. 


13. Little Things

Dhruv and Kavya traverse through personal challenges, relationship troubles, and family issues, in this beautiful drama that proves, life is about big dreams and little things. 

14. Bring On The Night

After originally airing on MTV in 2012, the series is now available on YouTube. Arjun Mathur, Patrick Graham, Hussain Dalal and Sarang Sathaye star as four friends who try to reform a heritage building into a night club, in the city of dreams, Mumbai. 

15. Happily Ever After

What goes behind planning the big, fat Indian wedding? If Happily Ever After is to be believed, it includes alcohol, chaos, and a test of romance. 

16. Minus One

What happens when your ex happens to be your flatmate? Minus One has an answer, sort of! If romedies are your jam, then this is worth a watch. 

17. The Trip

After Sex and the City, but before Veere Di Wedding was The Trip. And irrespective of whether you like the show or not, you’d definitely love the theme song. 


18. Man’s World

An edgy, hilarious commentary on gender inequality that raises the question of how would society look like if women became the ‘superior sex’. 

19. College Romance

A light-hearted take on college life, and college love, College Romance is ideal for binging. 


20. It Happened In Hong Kong

Starring Amol Parashar and Aahana Kumra, It Happened In Hong Kong reminds us of what can happen when we open ourselves to new experiences. 


Know of any other web series? Let us know in the comment sections below and help spread a little cheer during the quarantine.