With Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and all the other services, our lives revolve around web series from all over the world. But don’t we all love something that we don’t have to pay for? Thanks to YouTube, that is always a possibility! 

We earlier gave you a list of 12 titles that would keep you engaged but since then, a lot of new shows have come in that are definitely upping the web series game.

Here are 10 web series from all over the country that you should definitely watch:

1. Little Things

This 5-episode series explores the little things that make or break our relationships and is certainly one of the most adorable series that we’ve seen in a long time. If rom-coms are your thing, you have to give this a chance.


Watch the first episode here.

2. The Trip

Four girls head for a bachelorette road trip and have a million adventures on it. The four of them are dealing with their own problems and all they can count on are the female friendships that have always supported them. 

If you’re looking for something that’s light and doesn’t demand too much attention, this series is for you. 


Watch the first episode here.

3. Official Chukyagiri

Spandan Chukya has just moved from Meerut to Mumbai for an internship but things aren’t too smooth in the big city. His struggles in the office space, the romance and the politics are what make this series. 


Watch the first episode here.

4. Black Sheep

This Tamil-English series comes with subtitles and is the story of a college-going boy who is still trying to figure out his life. His college life is messed up and his parents make sure to remind him that he’s still living under their roof but he’s content being the black sheep in Chennai. This one’s actually quite relatable!


Watch the first episode here.

5. What The Folks

A newly-wed couple seems to have their life figured out until the husband has to come live with the wife’s parents. After a few adjustment problems, his new family is exactly what he had hoped it would be. The 5-episode series is a refreshing change if you’re looking for something that you can watch with your parents.


Watch the first episode here.

6. The Aam Aadmi Family

The story of a middle-class North Indian family that completely mirrors almost all North Indian families. The humour is all too relatable because after all, every family has the same problems.


Watch the first episode here.

7. Livin’

This Tamil series is about a couple who have just moved-in together and are still trying to figure out that life isn’t as rosy as they thought it would be. There are no stereotypical gender roles and the show isn’t afraid of commenting on issues like patriarchy. 

Livin’ is quite a bold move for Tamil entertainment.


Watch the first episode here.

8. F.A.T.H.E.R.S

What happens when 3 men in their 50s get together and plan on starting a start up? If you’ve enjoyed TVF’s Tech Conversations with Dad, you must give this one a shot as well.


Watch the first episode here.

9. The ‘Other’ Love Story

This Kannada-English web series is about a budding romance between two women who are trying to find themselves in this crowded, overwhelming world. The show does not sensationalise its concept and is rather subtle. 

If you’re looking for something that’s truly out of the box, try this show.


Watch the first episode here.

10. Office Vs Office

With Cyrus Sahukar playing the boss in this one, this one is a hilarious office comedy where the different characters working in the same space are poles apart from each other. 

Office Vs Office is perfect for that lunch break when you’re sitting at your desk, all by yourself.


Watch the first episode here.

Binge away!