1. This guy who is riding a dog-cart.

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2. This guy who is so desperate that he had to do this.

3. This girl who decided to straighten her hair.

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4. This guy who lost his walkman.

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5. This family.

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6. This parent who served his kid for dinner.

7. This guy who decided to make another guy his chair.

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8. The guy who came with a really crappy name for his restaurant.

9. This dude whose ticket didn't get confirmed, but decided to travel anyway.

10. The guy who gave this guy a haircut.

11. This guy.

12. This dude who is taking a power nap.

13. This guy who wanted some horsepower behind him.

14. This lady who decided to take a break at the wrong time.

15. This girl who didn't know the answer to this question.

16. And finally this guy who can make funnier faces than Jim Carrey.