We all know that Bollywood is the lifeline of this country. I can’t fathom a scenario where there are no movies on this land. Now, amongst all this high glitz of mainstream Bollywood flicks, there lies a sub genre- indie flicks. Some may think of them as slow and boring, but, newsflash, they are totally rocking. In fact, way better than some of our mainstream flicks. Here are recent 10 Bollywood indie flicks which are high on content, have superb display of acting skills, and are definitely the true gems of Indie movies of the country.

1. Listen Amaya

By now, you must know of Swara Bhaskar, the chick who played second fiddle in Raanjhana. She, along with the evergreen couple Farooq Shaikh and Deepti Naval has done a splendid job in this one.  You can watch the trailer here.

2. B.A Pass

You might have just heard about this one, and I can personally vouch for this one. If you want to watch an acting treat, this is it. Also, it brutally depicts what’s been happening behind your back in the circuit of the capital city.You can watch the trailer here.

3. Prague

Chandan Roy Sanya, the guy who debuted with Shahid Kapoor’s Kaminey is no doubt a brilliant actor. It’s a coming of age story about a chap dealing with his delusions on love and life.You can watch the trailer here .

4. Sadda Adda

Now, this is a true bromance flick. All the actors are new, you’d have never even heard of them, but the acting talent is worth watching.You can watch the trailer here .

5. Shuttlecock Boys

This is a coming of age story about four middle-class Delhi boys, trying to make it big in life. The entire team is of first-timers and none of the actors are professionals. Yet, it’s such great quality.You can watch the trailer here.

6. Miss Lovely

You may have heard about this one, in fact, it had created quite a roar. Yet I doubt if any of you must have seen this. This one investigates the underbelly of 80’s C grade horror flicks. You know, horror and sex together.You can watch the trailer here .

7. Gattu

This cute tale of a street urchin obsessed with kite flying is a brilliant metaphor on the condition of illiterate kids in the country.You can watch the trailer here .

8. Mumbai Cha Raja

Now, if you are feeling low and need to pep up, this is the movie you need to see. It’s a coming of age story about Mumbai’s poor kids, who despite all the hardships know how to enjoy life.You can watch the trailer here .

9. Supermen Of Malegaon

This one beautifully captures the passion, which residents of Malegaon town have for film-making. That too amidst  poverty, communal tension, and tons of other problems.You can watch the trailer here .

10. Peddlers

This one follows around the life of three strangers, who are totally fucked in their lives. And how things begin to change when their paths cross. You can watch the trailer here .