Remember the Indonesian fans who recreated the magic of SRK's Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai? Well, they are back, with more 'love'.

Two SRK fans made a music video cover of Mohabbatein's Humko Humi Se Chura Lo and our hearts are legit 'stolen'.

Source: Video Breaker

The duo recreated the video to a tee. With the opening scene of SRK and Aishwarya hugging while couples roam around in the background, this snow-clad mountain backdrop,

to my personal favourite bit - 'chutki bhar sindoor se tum...'

The video is a sweet tribute and a heartwarming attempt at capturing the charm of the film. It was posted on YouTube two days ago and has already gathered 46K plus views.

Now, I am thinking what am I doing sitting on my ass? I also need to have my SRK song movement shot. Let me call my DSLR wale friends.

Watch the entire video here.

Images are screenshots of the video.