Almost everything in life can be explained, and what cannot is an exception. Just like inorganic chemistry, where almost everything is an exception.

Remember Vaibhav’s rant about inroganic chemistry in the first season of Kota Factory? Anyone who’s watched the episode and knows anything about Chemistry will agree.

Unable to understand inorganic chemistry, Meena suggests Vaibhav if changing the teacher would help.

An infuriated Vaibhav goes on to rant about inorganic chemistry having more exceptions than logic. Elaborating on the octet rule he said:

Pehle octet rule mein batayenge sirf 8 electron hone chahiye. Par phir kitne bhi electron ke compunds bana rahe hai. 4, 6, 8, 10…..

Inorganic chemistry can be really confusing and most of the time you have to cram the subject without understanding the logic.

Arey ye log hai na exception bol bol ke chutiya kaat rahe hai. Exception nahi hai ye, excuse hai excuse. Pure excuse…. Logic nahi, yahan hai exception, exception, exception. Abey Inception dekh ke itna confuse nahi hua tha jitna exception ne kar diya.

He did not stop there and went on to talk about the ever-changing oxidation states of atoms and how new elements keep emerging from nowhere.

Saala Oxygen tak ki oxidation state fix nahi hai. Jab tumhare khud ke elements tumhare sagge nahi hai toh kyun koi happy periodic family banani hai? Kyun?

His monologue about inorganic chemistry being all unpredictable is relatable to anyone who has ever studied inorganic chemistry.

Abey kisi cheez ko trend toh tab bolte hai na jab usse kuch predict kar sako. Thugs of Hindostan ki tarah kabhi bhi kahin bhi kuch bhi ho raha hai toh usko trend kaise bolenge. Main bata raha hu Meena Chemistry subject nahi subjective hai.

It reminds students of their teachers, both good and bad.

The rant has made the subject more difficult for some…

… While others think their hidden wounds have been exposed.

What do you think? Do you miss friends with whom you crammed the exceptions (I mean subject)? Or do you miss the teacher who made it relatively easier for you?