In recent times, there has been criticism of Imtiaz Ali’s work and that is fair. Unbiased feedback is necessary. However, I think we can all agree that he has given our generation some of its most iconic romantic movies. From Rockstar to Jab We Met and Tamasha, Imtiaz Ali’s films have spoken of love in ways it was not spoken about earlier.

His films are filled with nuances, and the one which recently caught the internet’s attention – and the director’s – was this.

There is a lot more to uncover and unpack, though. There is a rhythm in his work, sometimes even continuation across movies and the Instagram page – ImtiazAli the StoryTeller does a good job at analysing them.

Imtiaz himself has shared their posts on multiple occasions, which shows that these theories/insights/facts are approved by him. Here we look at some of them.

1. “Kya aap believe karte hai love at first sight ya mai dubara ghum ke aaun?”.

2. Prayers in Imtiaz Ali world.

3. Did you know Highway was a show before it was made into a movie? This wonderful dialogue is the same across the two.

4. Speaking of connection. 

5. “Vision of direction”.

6. The journeys of Imtiaz Ali characters and the trains that take them on those journeys.

7. The heavy walk.

8. “Ye long-distance relationship chalta hi nahin hai”.

9. “Looking at intimacy through a prism”.

10. The motifs in Imtiaz Ali cinema.

These people are doing such great work with this account. You can also follow them on Twitter, here.