We have a thing for honest confessions. No wonder we were kinda obsessed with those anonymous confession pages on Instagram back in school. But what if everyday products could unabashedly express your mood?

Meet 30-year-old Mumbai-based artist Sidhant Gandhi, aka Toosid who is blending honesty with humour and hitting the right note with every desi, owing to how relatable his designs are.

If a soda can justifiably claims ‘Covid jawani kha gaya’, and a can of chips that reminds you of your relationship status- ‘Singles’, you’ll be unable to look at the products the same way you used to before.

You might have a good laugh having a glance at them but deep down you know the designs and quotes are simply throwing facts on faces! *cries copiously in the corner.*

If playing with my emotions was a sport, I could make a list of everyone who could win the Olympics. 

With a spirit of sheer innovation, this offbeat artist is changing the fate of designing and copywriting, making a mundane product more enticing.

If things go as planned, Sid told Mid-day that he dreams to build a virtual Sid Bazaar, which will offer hatke, and brutally honest avatars of everyday products, reflecting our mood in our very own lingo!