Diljit Dosanjh has been trying to find love for a while now. First, he tried his luck with Kylie Jenner and then Gal Gadot, but neither responded to his heartfelt comments. 

Well, their loss, because he has found a new partner to spend time with: Alexa. 

Yes, the machine. Don’t act surprised, you know what I mean. 

Everyone who has Alexa, has tried to pass time by talking to her at some point. Our guy Diljit is no different.

In a recent video that he uploaded on Instagram, he can be seen chatting with Alexa, who seems to be a little slow (hello, software engineers).

She plays the wrong songs, and struggles a bit to get Diljit’s instructions. But, but, when told ‘I love you’, she says ‘I am flattered’. 

To which Diljit exclaims, “Oho oho oho”. As you do. 

At one point, he even asks her to play one of his songs, but Alexa plays something entirely different and man, the frustration.

Now while he uploaded the video a few hours ago, people who follow him, have seen it before as it was from an Insta live from August. Here are some reactions on the same. 

Gotta love this guy.

You can watch the entire video here: