You know they say you can have at least seven doppelgangers like you in the world. It’s always fascinating to see someone who looks likes you. And we just learned about Jennifer Aniston’s look alike.

We have seen so many people who have a similar resemblance to celebs and, it often turns out good for them, as they get a lot of popularity. 

It’s Jennifer Aniston lookalike this time. Have a look at how similar they look.

It is not the first time we have found a lookalike of Jennifer Aniston, but this resemblance is so uncanny and, you will truly get confused between the two. 

But, who is this lookalike? Meet Lisa Tranel, a 34-year-old social media star who is receiving a lot of popularity for her looks.

I mean, look at this. How similar they look.

Fans are screaming Oh my god! And the comment section is flooded.

I wonder who do I look like? My parents, obviously.