Spoilers ahead: Do not proceed if you’ve not seen Game of Thrones episode 4, season 8 yet.

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The fallen have been avenged as the Battle of Winterfell was won. Major characters survived and with them Jon’s direwolf Ghost returned on the side of the living. 

The last episode, The Battle Of Winterfell, ended on a positive note with Ghost returning alive (though badly hurt and bleeding) after facing the undead, along with the Dothraki horsemen. 

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But the happiness of Ghost returning alive was short-lived with the new GoT episode bringing to light, a heart-wrenching scene.  

Jon, parting ways with Tormund, tells him to take Ghost along with his army of wildlings, towards the North of the wall, literally deserting his most loyal companion. 

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If that was not enough, there was no last-minute petting, even if Ghost clearly deserved that acknowledgment from Jon. 

Jon then leaves them in the lurch, with nothing more than a last look at Ghost. Even Tormund was clearly not impressed with Jon’s abrupt departure.

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Notably, Ghost played the perfect protector to Jon, when the latter was on the verge of dying but was brought to life once again courtesy of Melisandre. 


Fans were having none of it and went on Twitter to give the world a piece of their mind. They were pissed and rightly so! 

Such an undeserving goodbye after being the most amazing beast throughout every season! Not done HBO, the North remembers! 

Limited CGI budget, lack of plot-detailing – call it whatever you may want but this was heartbreaking. 

You might forgive him Ghost, but then again, you were always a good boy. Better than we could ever be.